Journey begins on Medium!

It’s been a long day I’ve been surfing Internet. So, I included myself almost in everywhere. There are really some good places to write stories and share to the world. Medium, blogger, thumblr, pinterest are such platforms.

Syed Faysel Ahammad Rajo vlogging on his first solo travel ever. Dhaka to Barishal

Now, who I am! Actually I am a 22 yrs old versatile young. I am a Bangladesh based content creator, youtuber, vlogger, blog and article writer, photographer, educator, ed-tech entrepreneur and so on.

To find me everywhere, just search by my name “Syed Faysel Ahammad Rajo” or “Syed Rajo”.

Syed Faysel Ahammad Rajo is happy for his first solo travel. Beginning of the journey

A list of my social media links and other websites below:



Everything started as Small



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Syed Faysel Ahammad Rajo

Content creator, youtuber, influencer, blog and article-writer, photographer and so on.